First Equilease Participates in the 2nd ME Leasing Summit for 2015

    Dec 7
    Kuwait, November, 2015: Frist Equilease management had participated in the 2nd Middle East Leasing Summit for 2015 which was held in Dubai from  17-19 November, 2015.
    The summit provided an effective platform on which the participants updated themselves with the market status, as well as governments policies and legislations on the leasing industry in order to gain better understanding of the Middle East market, thereby optimizing development strategies in the region.
    With world market circumstances subject to substantial shifts at present, leasing is gaining prevalence as an alternate method of financing high value equipment. With supportive policies and legislation being established throughout Middle Eastern countries, it is widely believed that there will be ample opportunities for the equipment leasing business to make ground in the currently under-developed market.

    Source : duxes-events
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Clients Testimonials

  • Meanwhile, Chairman of Arabian Beverage Company, Mr. Adnan  Al-Mousa said: “The region is in dire need for development in the equipment and transportation leasing market. Therefore, First Equilease comes as a valuable addition to the market as it offers advanced services due to the financial experience it possesses.”

    Arabian Beverage Company